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Centeron Wireless Tank Monitoring System

The Centeron Data Center is your gateway to the power of the Centeron system. Get your tank information when you need it, the way you need it to manage your business better. From anywhere, at anytime you have secure and reliable access to your tank information.


  • Easy software to install
  • Tank setup info is entered on one screen
  • Library of pre-configured tanks
  • Monitor and tank type graphically displayed for easy selection
  • Two alarm set points per tank
  • Password protection


  • Tabular data display for all tanks
  • Display info includes Tank ID, Tank Content, Gallons on Hand, Gallons to Full, time of last monitor report, monitor status, estimated days to empty and average daily usage.
  • Alarm levels are color coded for quick status review
  • Pictorial of all tanks on one screen for quick status review
  • Graphical and tabular display of historical data
  • Printable historical data, current data and error reports
  • Context sensitive Help Files

Local Tank Monitoring System

  • Monitor any tank within radio range
  • Only one controller required for any number of tanks –connects directly to your computer serial port
  • Tank level updated with every monitor transmission

Remote Tank Monitoring System

  • Monitor local and remotely located tanks
  • Controller setup for each site is quick and easy
  • Tank info is reported via standard phone lines utilizing the integrated controller modem and your computer modem
  • Call history report for each site
Typical tank setup from Centeron PC View Software

Typical tank level reviews from Centeron PC View Software

The Centeron System
We start with an easy to install monitor. It’s wireless, so no special know-how or tools are needed. It’s powerful, too. Our DSSS radio technology is far superior to the narrow bandwidth radios found in other wireless systems. That means you receive your data even in the harshest nvironments.

The monitor sends the tank level data to the controller. The controller collects and manages the data then sends it to the Centeron Data Center. From there, you can retrieve your info anytime, wherever you are.

Just think about what that information can mean to your business. An up-to-date, accurate account of tank level allows you to deliver your product when it needs to be delivered. Centeron puts you in control so you can manage your business better.

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